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Developing A Safe And Healthy Environment - 1471 Words

Each child deserves to have the opportunity of growing in a safe and healthy environment. Our province’s dream is to become a global leader in achieving academic abilities in all four domains such as social-emotional, physical, language and cognitive development in each child (Early Learning for, 2007, p. 3). In November 2004, the Ontario administration created a great plan called the â€Å"Early Learning for Every Child Today† (ELECT). By launching this plan, Ontario fulfilled its dream. In addition, the ELECT document contains comprehensive and rich sources of information that enhances, rather than modifies, planned curriculum in all Ontario’s care centers operating under the Day Nurseries Act. As long as early childhood professionals working in early childhood settings use the ELECT, this document will constantly improve the quality care, and at the same time, highlight a range of growing abilities and common vocabulary that will sustain early childhood profe ssionals as they work together in early childhood settings (p. 3). Furthermore, organized into five sections, ELECT is a useful document that envisioned leading professionals in early childhood settings. The first section represents the Statement of Principles that is founded on beliefs, standards, practice and present research proof (p. 5). There are six principles acknowledging that families, communities and cultures embrace clear values about how small children should familiarize themselves within their surroundings.Show MoreRelatedEating Food Policy Regulations And Food Choices1256 Words   |  6 PagesEvery time human beings pursue new ways to feed themselves, there are some concerns in different areas. The concerns are in terms of causing food shortage for other human beings, destroying the natural environment, inhuman treatment of animals in pursuit of food options, exploitative labour practices, breaking the food policy regulations and most important eating unhealthy. Eating ethically refers to the consequences that arise from the food ch oices human beings make for themselves and the effectsRead MoreReasons of Businesses Conducting Operations in Third World Countries1696 Words   |  7 Pagesbecause, in most of the third world countries, pollution is unrestricted. Moreover, other issues regarding the environment are also not resolved by the government. However, it is difficult for these nations to create and enforce environmental regulations since they would have to suffer economically. These nations usually have to decide one between the two choices that is clean environment or purchase food. Of course, the more pressing need is always the food. Developed western countries take advantageRead MoreWhy Discrimination Is Common Among The Racially Different People1205 Words   |  5 Pageswritten, visual, and emotional. The people who experience discrimination commonly are not often acknowledged by the teacher or counsellor of the school. The risk is that when discriminatory behaviours are permitted to go unchecked in school, an environment develops in the classroom, in which it seems that these actions are considered as normal. The students who have been discriminated against in school are mostly students from different language backgrounds to English. Furthermore, people’s thoughtsRead MoreClean Water And Clean Drinking Water898 Words   |  4 Pagesthat is clean and safe to drink so it can help maintain the body s temperature, it would also lubricate and cushion the joints. To help provide clean water to developing countries our organization should provide help to an organization called charity: water, which are a no nprofit organization that provides safe and clean water to developing countries. Our organization should provide help to Charity: Water because it could help spread awareness around the world, help developing countries in creatingRead MoreWhen Adults Take Responsibility For Healthy And Safe Environments879 Words   |  4 PagesBruno (2009) notes â€Å"when adults take responsibility for healthy and safe environments, children are free to discover their world without barriers to impede them† (p. 180). As early childhood professionals, we have a tremendous duty of ensuring that all children, their families, and staff members engage in a safe and healthy learning environment. Ensuring health and safety determines the quality standards of an early childhood education and care program. The NAEYC Early Childhood Program StandardsRead MoreBrain Development914 Words   |  4 Pages Environment is a major factor in early brain development. According to children raised in environmentally deprived facilities experience fewer sounds, sights, and colors have smaller brains than children in sensually rich environments. While genes and environment interact at every stage of development which is more important? Genes are responsible for the hardwiring or the blueprint of the brain. While environment is responsible for the finer aspectsRead MoreDoes the Environment of a Child Impact Their Development?1050 Words   |  5 Pages Does the Environment of a Child Impact Their Development? There are many different aspects of environment that can affect the development of children. One major environmental impact that influences the development of a child is the neighborhood they are raised in. Within the neighborhood there are several other aspect of influence. Where a child is raised can affect their behavior, attitudes, emotions, personality, values, health, and so much more. This can be seen in their personal lives atRead MorePolicy and Procedures1290 Words   |  6 Pages| A (Staff) | Ensuring safe recruitment by checking the suitability of staff and volunteers to work with children. Creating a safe environment in which children can learn and develop. Raising awareness of child protection issues. Ensure all staff and volunteers understand their responsibilities in being alert to the signs of abuse and responsibility for referring any concerns. | This policy supports all of the 5 principles of every child matters ‘Be Healthy,’ ‘Stay safeâ€⠄¢, ‘Enjoying and AchievingRead MoreSocioeconomic Determinants Of Socio Economic Status1415 Words   |  6 PagesLower-income communities are less likely to have access to grocery stores with a wide variety of fresh produce. Low-income neighborhoods also may have fewer playgrounds, pedestrian and bike-friendly streets, parks and recreational facilities, and other safe and affordable places to exercise, play and be active. Individuals living in low SES communities also have limited purchasing power making it difficult to buy nutrient dense foods (foods high in nutrients and low in calories), which tend to be moreRead MoreExplain How Legislations Influence Nurseries976 Words   |  4 PagesPrimary School accepts and abides by the Health and Safety Policy to aim for a safe and healthy environment for children, teaching and non-teaching staff and all other people who arrive on the premises of the school. It also ensures that all member of the school community understand their o wn responsibilities in maintaining a healthy and safe environment. Principles The establishment of a health and safe environment is essential for the work of the school. It is also a law. It depends upon sound

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Understanding the Italian Present Conditional Tense

The present conditional tense (condizionale presente) is equivalent to the English constructions of would plus verb (for example: I would never forget). Forming conditionals is easy: just take any verb, drop the final -e in its infinitive form, and add an appropriate ending—endings are the same for all three conjugation groups of verbs. The only spelling change occurs with -are verbs, which change the a of the infinitive ending to e. What Does a Reflexive Verb Look Like? Reflexive verbs follow the same scheme, with the addition of the reflexive pronouns mi, ti, si, ci, vi, or si when conjugating them: mi laverei, ti laveresti, si laverebbe, ci laveremmo, vi lavereste, si laverebbero. In Italian, a reflexive verb is one when the action carried out by the subject is performed on the same subject. So for example, â€Å"I wash myself† or â€Å"I sit myself in the chair. The subject, â€Å"I, am doing the washing and the sitting. It’s important to know that not all verbs are reflexive, but there are plenty out there and each must be memorized. In order to make an Italian verb reflexive, drop the -e of its infinitive ending and add the pronoun si. For example, pettinare (to comb) becomes pettinarsi (to comb oneself) in the reflexive. Si is an additional pronoun, known as the reflexive pronoun, which is needed when conjugating reflexive verbs. Note that some reflexive verbs can be used without the reflexive pronouns. In this case, their meaning changes: - Alzarsi to wake up/to get up Tu ti alzi. (You get up.) Tu alzi la sedia. (You lift the chair.) Conditional-Tense Sentences Here are some examples of conditional-tense sentences: Vorrei un caffà ¨. (I would like a coffee.)Scriverei a mia madre, ma non ho tempo. (I would write to my mother, but I dont have time.)Mi daresti il biglietto per la partita? (Would you give me a ticket for the game?) The table below provides examples of three regular Italian verbs (one of each class) conjugated in the present conditional tense. Italian Workbook Exercises Questions | AnswersPresent Conditional TenseA. Complete the following sentences using the condizionale presente of the verbs in parentheses. Io ________________ mangiare la pizza. (preferire)Che cosa Le ________________ fare? (piacere)Noi ________________cercare subito un parcheggio. (dovere)Lui ________________ noleggiare una macchina. (volere)________________ darmi lorario dei treni? (potere)Le ragazze ________________, ma non ricordano le parole. (cantare)Teresa ________________ tedesco, m non ricorda i verbi. (parlare)Tu ________________ di non capire, ma sei impulsivo. (fingere)Gli studenti ________________ i corsi, ma non à ¨ obbligatorio. (frequentare)Voi ________________ il segreto, ma non sapete come. (scoprire) CONJUGATING ITALIAN VERBS IN THE PRESENT CONDITIONAL TENSE PARLARE CREDERE SENTIRE io parlerei crederei sentirei tu parleresti crederesti sentiresti lui, lei, Lei parlerebbe crederebbe sentirebbe noi parleremmo crederemmo sentiremmo voi parlereste credereste sentireste loro, Loro parlerebbero crederebbero sentirebbero

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Functions of Human Resources Free Essays

Human Resources, or HR, can at times, be something of a mystery if you have not had any reason to interact with the human resource staff. What do they accomplish in the human resources department? What is their contribution to the company? Every day the human resources department is making decisions that affect the employees. Wages and salaries, hiring and firing, handling employee grievances, and employee training are functions of the human resources department. We will write a custom essay sample on Functions of Human Resources or any similar topic only for you Order Now Wages and Salaries Human resources follows the patterns of other employers to help them determine what they pay the company employees. Competitive wages are important to employees when they are job searching or moving up within the company. According to the HR Council for the Nonprofit Sector, â€Å"Salary surveys are conducted with employers in the same labor market to determine pay levels for specific job categories† (â€Å"Wages,† â€Å"n. d. ,†, p. 2). Surveys are a function of HR to determine if they are offering competitive wages with other companies. Hiring and Firing Hiring new employees is directly affected by human resources. Creating job descriptions and determining the skills needed to qualify for a position is a function of the human resources department. Job descriptions describe what is expected from the person applying for the position. This written job description also gives the human resources guidelines if discipline is needed in the future. Established expectations are used to coach an employee and if necessary fire the employee. Firing Firing an employee is not as easy as it may seem. Documentation is necessary to build a history of coaching an employee into the correct behavior. If the correct behavior is not reached a historical case has been created to support firing the employee. If the action or behavior violates company policy, immediate firing of the employee can happen. Employee Grievances Listening to employee grievances is an important function of human resources. Linking management with workers who have an issue that needs addressing is handled within human resources. Management may not be aware of an employee’s grievance without the connection that human resources can make between the two levels of employees. Documentation of the grievance and steps toward a solution is a function of human resources. Employee Training Training employees and supplying current job information should be a continual process of the human resources department. Keeping employees trained is a vital step in running a good company. â€Å"In order to improve the efficiency level of the employees they have go undergo regular trainings and development programs† (â€Å"Training,† â€Å"n. d. ,†, p. 2). Employees who can complete their jobs to the highest level possible keep the company running efficiently. It is the responsibility and function of the human resources department to supply training to the company’s employees. Conclusion There are many functions of the human resources department. Hiring employees, training, and coaching are a few functions of human resources. Human resources support the company in ways not always seen, but the effects are implemented with the workers. Creating a productive work environment requires constant work from the human resources department that may not always be noticed. How to cite Functions of Human Resources, Papers

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Off grid solar System-Free-Samples for Students-Myassignmenthelp

Question: Discuss about the Off grid Solar System. Answer: Introduction Solar powered frameworks infer pure and clean energy from the sun. Installation of solar systems on people's homes aids in decreasing our aggregate reliance on petroleum product and combating greenhouse gas emissions (Rehman Al-Hadhrami2010). At the point when petroleum derivatives are singed to deliver power, they transmit destructive gasses that are the essential driver of global warming and air pollution. Solar Citys carbon footprint per unit of vitality creation is ninety-five percent lower than that of fossil products control plants. Not exclusively are petroleum fuels energy terrible for the environment, they are a limited resource. Restricted availability makes an unpredictable market in which vitality costs can skyrocket in a brief timeframe. Given the low ozone harming substance outflows from sunlight-based power, expanding its adoption is a fundamental strategy in endeavors to battle environmental change at both the national level and individual. Solar Panels Solar panels are panels made to absorb sunlight in generating heat and electricity for domestic consumption. A packaged of photovoltaic module is connected to solar cell which is a typically assembly of 6x10 photovoltaic cells. These photovoltaic modules comprise of the photovoltaic array of a photovoltaic framework that creates and supplies sunlight based power for business and private applications. Every module is rated by its direct current yield control under standard test conditions (STC) and regularly goes from a hundred to three hundred and sixty-five Watts. Workload calculation Having chosen the components, we calculate the workload. Appliance is a regular household bulb of 15w Hours of running = 8 hours Calculating total watt hour = 15 w x 8 = 120 Considering the system has a 30% energy loss then we have Total watt per day = 120 x 1.3 = 156 Wh Types of solar panels The variety of sun oriented power innovations accessible keep running on a size of productivity, value, flexibility and durability, based on the need of ones venture. PV solar based innovation creates control since materials such as silicon yield an electrical current when they sunlight, in a method referred as the photovoltaic effect (Burnett Borle 2005, September). Likewise semiconductors, sunlight based PV innovation needs purged silicon to get a good efficiency, and the cost behind PV sun oriented manufacturing is frequently determined by the crystalline silicon decontamination process. There are three types of solar panel. Monocrystalline: For the most part, monocrystalline silicon sun powered based PV is the best advancement to pass on viability, as measured by wattage yield related to the board estimate. However, this capability can be went with additional expenses. The most proper esteem is sun situated PV advancement is polycrystalline silicon, offering adequacy levels close to monocrystalline boards, however at a large portion of the cost sometimes. Polycrystalline: These sun oriented is made by including silicon fluid into a cast. Nevertheless, because of this advancement strategy, the gem structure will outline deficiently, making hindrances where development of precious stone breaks. This gives the polycrystalline silicon its unmistakable, grainy appearance, as the gemstone sort configuration highlights the cutoff points in the valuable stone. Thin-Film Solar PV: This technology is the least used and has the lowest market share since it has several disadvantage. However it is considered as the suitable option for projects that needs less power requirement that need portability and light weight. Thin film has generated an efficiency of twenty percent efficiency. Effects of Solar Panel The sun gives a gigantic asset to producing spotless and maintainable power without poisonous contamination or a dangerous atmospheric devation emanations. The potential natural effects related with sun based power arrive utilize and environment misfortune, water utilize, and the utilization of perilous materials in assembling can differ enormously relying upon the innovation, which incorporates two general classifications: photovoltaic (PV) sun based cells or concentrating sun oriented warm plants (CSP). The size of the framework extending from little, dispersed housetop PV exhibits to substantial utility-scale PV and CSP ventures additionally assumes a huge part in the level of ecological effect. Rating Of the Solar Panel Sunlight based board measure should be picked in a way that it will charge the battery totally amid the one day time. Amid the time of twelve hours of day time the daylight is not uniform and differentiation according to your territory in the globe. So we can expect four hours of successful daylight which will produce the evaluated control. Hence, Total WP of the panel = 156WH/4 = 39 W Solar panel size In spite of the fact that length and width fluctuates somewhat, most manufacturing are producing sun based boards in standard sizes. The most run of the mill estimate utilized for private establishments is 65 creeps by 39 inches which will be the appropriate for this venture, while the basic size for business applications is 77 crawls by 39 inches. The littler size is a superior fit for private activities to expand accessible rooftop space. Most business ventures have many boards and this is the reason the somewhat bigger board is a more perfect decision. Sun Power is the special case to length and width. Their private board is 61 crawls by 41 inches, somewhat shorter and somewhat more extensive than standard boards. With respect to control, estimate is regularly alluded to in DC watts under STC or PTC conditions. STC, or Standard Test Conditions, is the power rating measured under research center conditions (Rehman Al-Hadhrami2010). STC is the thing that a sun based board maker utilizes as a part of their specialized particulars of hardware. Most standard boards are in the vicinity of 23o and 275 watts DC STC, while Sun Power producer's high-effectiveness gear in the scope of 327 to 345 watts. PTC, or PV USA Test Conditions, is the power rating under more "certifiable" conditions. The PTC of a sunlight based board is ordinarily 10-15% lower than its STC. For standard boards, the PTC is commonly in the vicinity of 195 and 247 watts DC. Solar cell electric model Solar cells are tiny, square-molded board semiconductors produced using silicon and other conductive materials, fabricated in thin film layers. At the point when daylight strikes a sun-based cell, synthetic responses discharge electrons, creating an electric current. Sun-powered cells are additionally called photovoltaic cells (PV cells) and can be found on numerous most of electronic for example calculators. PV is molded as a current source since it supplies a constant current over a wide range of voltages It has p-n junction diode that supplies a potential It has internal resistors that impede the flow of the electrons. Cells are the electrical gadget that proselytes daylight into power. With a specific end goal to produce a valuable measure of energy, cells are linked together in a sun powered board. 60 cell modules are the business standard for private applications, however somewhat bigger business boards are for the most part 72 cells. SunPower, the pioneer in sun oriented board effectiveness, uses 96 cell boards. Sun based establishment organizations regularly take a gander at the quantity of cells while deciding similarity with microinverters Sun situated cells are not ordinarily used independently in light of the way that they don't yield sufficient voltage and vitality to meet normal electrical solicitations.The measure of voltage and current they yield can be expanded by joining cells together with wires to create bigger zone sunlight based modules. Cells can be associated in various ways Strings where cells are associated in arrangement Blocks at least 2 strings associated together in parallel Joining at least 2 squares together Calculating Current and Voltage Series connections are made by connecting one cells ntype contact to the p-type of the next cell Parallel connections are made by joining each cells ntype contacts together and p-type contacts together Series connections the voltages add Parallel connections the current add Series connections the current flow is equal to the current from the cell generating the smallest current (limited by poorest cell) Parallel connections the voltage is the average of the cells or string in parallel Battery The yield from the sun powered board is dc control. This power is produced amid the day time as it were. So if you have to run a dc stack in the midst of day time then it is in every way basic. In any case, doing this is not a respectable decision in light of the way that: Most of the machines require a consistent evaluated voltage to run effectively. Sun powered board voltage is not unfaltering it changes as shown by the sunshine if you have to run the machines in the midst of night then it is incomprehensible. The above issue is lit up by using a battery to store the daylight based power in the midst of the day time and utilize it as indicated by your decision .It will give steady wellspring of steady, dependable power (Kolhe, Kolhe Joshi 2002). There are different sort of Batteries. Auto and bicycle batteries are intended for providing short blasts of high present and after that be revived and are not intended for a profound release. In any case, the sun based battery is a profound cycle lead-corrosive battery that takes into consideration incomplete release and takes into account profound moderate release. Lead corrosive tubular battery is ideal for a nearby planetary group. Li-Ion batteries and Ni-MH batteries are moreover used various little power application. Before going to pick the fragments pick your system voltage 12/24 or 48 V. Higher the voltage lesser the present and lesser will be the copper adversity in the channel. This will reduce your conductor appraise also.In by far most of the little home adjacent planetary gathering have twenty-four or twelve volts. This project uses twelve volt system. Rating of the battery Batteries capacity are rated in term of Ampere Hour. Power= Current X Voltage Watt Hour =Voltage x Current x Time Voltage of the battery = 12 volts ( the system uses 12v) capacity of voltage = Load /Voltage = 156/12 = 13Ah Basically battery are not perfect, so we need to consider the loss. Taking the battery loss is fifteen percent. So battery limit required is 13/0.85 =15.29 Ah For a good battery life,they are not permitted to release completely that is 100 %.For overflowed lead corrosive battery 60% profundity of release is considered as great practice. Hence the Capacity needed = 15.29/0.6 = 25.49 Ah You can choose a profound cycle lead corrosive battery with limit more than 25.49 Ah. You can round off to 30Ah Charger controller Charge controller of a solar is a gadget which is set between a battery and solar panel . It controls the current and voltage starting from your sun fueled sheets .It is used to keep up the right charging voltage on the batteries. As the data voltage from the sun arranged board rises, the charge controller guides the charge to the batteries keeping any overcharging (Burnett Borle 2005, September). Generally speaking, the sun based power structures uses 12 volt batteries, however Solar sheets can pass on altogether more voltage than is required to charge the batteries. By, fundamentally, changing over the excess voltage into amps, the charge voltage can be kept at a perfect level while the time required to totally charge the batteries is lessened. This empowers the sun based power system to work in a perfect world at all conditions. Types of Charge controller: PWM MPPT ON OFF Among the three charge controllers MPPT have most elevated productivity yet it is costly.So you would use be able to either PWM or MPPT. Rating on charge Controller Since the project will use 12V, then the Charge controller must be 12V Current = Output of the power by the of Panels / Voltage = 120 W/ 12V = 10 A By taking thirty percent edge, You can pick a 13A charge controller. However, the following rating controller accessible in the market is 20A. So pick a Charge Controller of twelve Volt and current rating of 20.0A. Low voltage Cutt off In batteries, the cut-off (definite) voltage is the recommended lower-limit point voltage at which battery discharge is taken to be complete. The cut-off voltage is typically picked so that the maximum limit of the battery is accomplished. The cut-off voltage is unique in relation to one battery to the next and it is exceedingly reliant on the sort of battery and the sort of administration in which the battery is utilized. When testing the limit of a NiMH or NiCd battery a cut-off voltage of 1.0 V for every cell is ordinarily utilized, though 0.9 V is regularly utilized as the cut-off voltage of an antacid cell. Gadgets that have too high cut-off voltages may quit working while the battery still has huge limit remaining. Some convenient hardware does not completely utilize the low-end voltage range of a battery (Rehman Al-Hadhrami2010). The power to the equipment cuts off before a generally huge segment of the battery life has been utilized. A high cut-off voltage is more across the board than maybe expected. For instance, a specific brand of cell phone that is controlled with a solitary cell Lithium-particle battery cuts off at 3.3V. The Li particle can be discharged to 3V and lower; in any case, with a discharge to 3.3V at room temperature, around 9298 percent of the limit is utilized. Imperatively, especially on account of lithium particle batteries which are utilized as a part of most by far of compact hardware today, a voltage cut-off below 3.2V would lead be able to synthetic insecurity in the cell, with the outcome being a diminished battery lifetime. Therefore, electronic makers tend to utilize higher cut-off voltages, evacuating the requirement for shoppers to purchase battery substitutions before other disappointment components in a gadget produce results. Reference Chung, H. H., Tse, K. K., Hui, S. R., Mok, C. M., Ho, M. T. (2003). A novel maximum power point tracking technique for solar panels using a SEPIC or Cuk converter.IEEE transactions on power electronics,18(3), 717-724. Bodur, M., Ermis, M. (1994, April). Maximum power point tracking for low power photovoltaic solar panels. InElectrotechnical Conference, 1994. Proceedings., 7th Mediterranean(pp. 758-761). IEEE. Krueger, W. F., Shaw, A. R., Smith, J. L. (1981).U.S. Patent No. 4,269,173. Washington, DC: U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Erling, P. S. (2006).U.S. Patent No. 7,012,188. Washington, DC: U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Kolhe, M., Kolhe, S., Joshi, J. C. (2002). Economic viability of stand-alone solar photovoltaic system in comparison with diesel-powered system for India.Energy economics,24(2), 155-165. Boico, F., Lehman, B., Shujaee, K. (2007). Solar battery chargers for NiMH batteries.IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics,22(5), 1600-1609. Burnett, M. B., Borle, L. J. (2005, September). A power system combining batteries and supercapacitors in a solar/hydrogen hybrid electric vehicle. InVehicle Power and Propulsion, 2005 IEEE Conference(pp. 7-pp). IEEE. Rehman, S., Al-Hadhrami, L. M. (2010). Study of a solar PVdieselbattery hybrid power system for a remotely located population near Rafha, Saudi Arabia.Energy,35(12), 4986-4995.

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Tapeworm2 Essay Example For Students

Tapeworm2 Essay In nature you see many biological relationship in which two living aninamls have a relationship. One animal will benefits from the other aninaml that animal which lives off the other benefits from that animal or could suffers. A tapeworm and a human are example of a parasitism. The way a human comes in contrats a tapeworm by eating uncooked meat then the tapeworm makes it self at home in the human body. Whenever the human eats food the tapeworm takes in all the food it need to live. The tapeworm makes sure that does not take all the food that the human puts in it body because if does that the human will not get the nautratin the human body needs to live. If the human with the tapeworm its in body dies then the tapeworm dies as well because its host is not able to get the food it need to live. If the tapeworm in a human body for some time the human body will lose mass amounts of weight because the tapeworm eats up all food you feed your body and you will still be living but you will b e very weak and not be able to go on with your everyday life. The only way for a human to get rid of a tapeworm is go to a doctor and have them put sharp blad down your throut and cut the head of the tapeworm off then your body will just get rid of tapeworm when you get rid of your waste. In the United States the tapeworm is not a very big problem because our goverment has hi standards about the meat the we eat in this country. Some countrys such as in Eurpoe you have be cautious about the meat you because they dont have such hi standards in as the US and getting a tapeworm would not be as much as big deal as it would be in the US. Bibliography: We will write a custom essay on Tapeworm2 specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now

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What your dreams are telling you essays

What your dreams are telling you essays Do you know what your dreams are telling you? If your answer was NO youre not alone. Many people have no idea what their dreams are trying to tell them. In this research paper I will answer this question and many other questions about dreams, sleep and also types of dreams. I will also talk about some of the most common or popular dreams and their meanings. We will explore some dream theories and interpretations of dreams. I have also done my own at hand research which I will be sharing with you the reader in this paper. I wish to take you through the dreaming process step by step, but in order for dreams to begin we must first sleep. So that is where Ill begin, with the sleep process. All dreaming starts with sleep. When we sleep there are four stages that we go through (Carskadon 4). Stage one is the lightest phase of sleep. In stage one sleep there is often visual imagery involved. Images appear in the form of wandering or dream like thought which can be controlled unlike a full dream state. In this stage of sleep someone can be awakened by low volume sounds or slight touch. Stage one sleep happens through-out the night. It often reappears as a transitional state of sleep following arousal during the night. When stage one does reappear during sleep it only last thirty seconds to one minute (Carskadon 5-6). Young adults spend ten to fifteen minutes a night in stage one sleep (Carskadon 6). Sometimes during sleep you feel your body jerk or twitch, that is called Hypnic Jerks. This usually happens right before stage two sleep occurs (Carskadon 6). Stage two sleep may have some of the slower eye movement of stage one but in general stage two sleep is free of any eye movement. Another feature of stage two is arousal. Since stage two is a deeper sleep than stage one it will take more arousal to awaken a person from this stage of sleep. The transition from stage two sleep to stage three occurs wit...

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Media Education in Elementary Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Media Education in Elementary - Essay Example The students should be capacitated to read media messages and also create their own media messages. I definitely agree with Bill Bigelow that advertisements to a very large extent promote wrong perceptions. They make the viewer very uncomfortable by threatening the esteem of the viewer who start believing in the false claims and overlook the actual product. Advertisements are designed with only one rationale- maximum profit to the company. Therefore, they make all sorts of false claims to attract the viewer. However, a viewer with sufficient knowledge of semiotics can never be deceived. This is because semiotics help the viewer unfold the actual meanings hidden in the ads. I liked his approach of teaching global studies and the one in which students wrote about the effects of ads on their personality. The newly emerged interest in the field of masculinity study has undoubtedly offered a variety of genres like magazines, journals, albums, videos, ads etc. However I would like to menti on the not-so-good effects of this growing research- firstly, the potential psychologically damaging effects of violent ads on young adolescent boys. Secondly, the well toned attractive body of male models threatens the self esteem of the male audience.